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[MJP] Doremidan TV Viewers' Present

Doremidan TV Viewers' Present

These are the pictures Doremi dan have been drawing during their appearance at "Doremi dan TV"! You have now the chance to win a set of 2 sketch boards and a cheki-polaroid of the individual members!
One out of five could be yours!
Try your luck and see what which will be yours! (5 winners altogether)

[Entry here...]

prize of the week

-October Week 1 contests+-
Deadline: October 10th
Announcement date: The 4th week of Novenber.
Lineup: JAPAN ANIME LIVE , Doremidan , the GazettE

1. Win Tickets for JAPAN ANIME LIVE at MJP!!
2. Doremidan TV Viewers' Present
3. the GazettE New Single 'Red' Poster

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