iloveespguitars (iloveespguitars) wrote in vk_vancouver,

Vocalist Wanted (If this post is still avaliable, then position is still avaliable...)

Our band consist of 4 members (male) at the moment (2 Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer). We're heavily influenced in Japanese Rock, Metal, maybe even Pop!
We currently covers band such as Alice Nine, Gazette, Dir en Grey.
(so it's ideal that you have some background knowledge in Japanese...however, when we start to make originals, it could be in English)
However, we like to strive for all variety of music and make ourselves as versatile as possible!

Our goals:
Make original music
Play gigs
Cover songs

We're looking for a singer that is:
Enjoy singing (obviously =])
Prefer age 18~24
Positive attitude and an open mind toward other people's music
Looking for a permanent position as vocalist
Willing to work with others
...Lastly, someone that replies in English haha

E-mail us if your interested, and we'll go from there!

Rock On!!!! @_@
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